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Coronavirus Is the ‘No. 1 Global Security Threat,’ Head of U.N. Says

United Nations Secretary General António Guterres called the coronavirus pandemic the world’s top security threat, and called for greater cooperation in controlling outbreaks and developing an affordable vaccine.

Our world is nearing the grimmest of milestones: one million lives lost to the virus. Meanwhile, the outbreak remains out of control. The virus is the No. 1 global security threat in our world today, and that is why in March I called for a global cease-fire. My appeal resonated with member states, civil society and a number of armed groups across the world. And today from Afghanistan to Sudan, we see hopeful new steps towards peace. Many pin their hopes on a vaccine. But let’s be clear. There is no panacea in a pandemic. We need to massively expand new and existing tools that can respond to new cases, and provide vital treatment to suppress transmission and save lives, especially over the next 12 months. But starting now, a vaccine must be seen as a global public good because Covid-19 respects no borders. We need the vaccine to be affordable and available to all.

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